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Cynical Feet

By Wendy Annibal on Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 in Research. No Comments

You know what – it’s hard to explain reflexology to anyone whose really cynical about how it works.  I had such a case this morning with a young man who is very logical and has a science based mind “I don’t believe anything I can’t see” he said.  After explaining some of the theories and he still looked sceptical, I said “never mind, just sit in my chair and I’ll do a taster for you”.  After 30 minutes when he relaxed and seemed to enjoy it, he said “thanks very much that was a a very good foot massage”.  Success I thought!! Even if you just relax for 30mins it gives your body and mind time to relax and start to heal.  Who knows what miracles will transpire from just a good foot massage – I’ll keep you posted.

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